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Looking for Dolly wink dupes?


Dolly wink dupes?

I dont know how the lashes may look like dolly wink lashes to you. But, i have purchased them from a web

http://spreeshoppu.blogspot.com/2010/09/instocks.html for about $15. This site has many  japanese ongoing sprees for makeups, apparels etc..

It has transparent strand , so it means, if you do not put eyeliner on your eyes, they look perfectly natural too.

How it looks like. (:





i've got my iphone 4 last month.. i know it's kind of common right now, many people were using it..

and here's a tip of screenshot your phone,

press HOME SCREEN and LOCK  KEY to SS your Iphone current screen

Hope it helps (;


Revive my coastal scent gel eyeliner


Sorry for abandoned this space for some times, as i was having my final exam in poly!

So, back to topic...

I got my coastal scent gel eyeliner in stellar a few months ago, and it is dries up recently, i was super disappointed as i only used it for like less than 10 times? While my maybelline gel liner which I have used for gng 10 months, is still moisturizing! I'm amazed of Maybelline Gel eyeliner!

I tried searching youtube for solution and this is IT!!

<object height="350" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/ni8AuYV5GL4" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/ni8AuYV5GL4" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/ni8AuYV5GL4" /> </object>

Step 1: Pour a little water in the gel eyeliner and left it about one minute

Step 2: Use the back of any eyeliner brush and merge the dried gel liner with the water, pour out the excess water

Step 4: Pressed until there's no water left in the jar. Of cuz u can use eyedrop if ur gel liner did not absorb the water!

So, this is the final result. Very messy, but at least the gel liner is being revived! yay!

Testing~ ya, it works!

Signing off,



WOW Campaign


Something worth sharing.

Claim our free sample from this FB campaign ((;

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Happy birthday,Imma Pink! and Birthday Giveaway!


Imma is having a Birthday Giveaway!

Happy Birthday babe! Hope you have an enjoyable birthday celebration! Been having YOG duties the past few days, so sorry being late to wish u happy birthday on time! haha!

SOOOOO! if you are interested in winning the LA COLORS E/S, head on to her website now!

 There are 2 sets to be won so this time there will be 2 LUCKY WINNERS! =D

Contest ends 3rd September 2010 ( Fri) SOOOOOO DONT WAIT!


Smoochiezz Haul and swactches!




Swatches: Top to bottom- oyster, pot and pans, gold


Comparison with NYX eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone

AND BEBE NEW PERFUME is LAUNCH in SINGAPORE!! it's called BEBE by BEBE and while purchasing the banana republic perfume for my friend bday present, the sales person from BHG(bugis) gave us free sample for juciy coulture and we asked for BEBE perfume samples as well!

If you are shopping for perfume from BHG bugis, do ask for samples as well! iThe BEBE perfume is retailed at $49 for 50ml and $79 for 100 ml if im not wrong.




This post is something not on Makeup (;

ITS the Youth Olympic Games 2010! And anyone working  as volunteers for YOG? I work on 17th Aug which is my birthday that day, and my friend told me that if you all working on that day, you are able to get a FREE PLUSH TOY! And I was super excited when I reach and i ask my Team Leader, and after the end of the duty, I get this! SO CUTE! It's called Merly! The mascot of the YOG!

By the way, I was working as a EVS in SengKang Stadium, and the score for  yesterday HOCKEY PREMLIMINARY IS

Korea- South Africa: 3-1
Argentina - Ireland: 3-0
New Zealand - Netherlands: 0-1 ❤

It was an exciting match between the 2 winning team New Zealand and Netherlands.. both of them were playing tough against each other and congratz to the Netherlands girls! They played well!

Look forward for the 24th and 25th FINAL MATCH!

The Singapore boys team will be playing Pakistan today! Hope they scored something!


Icefrost's 250 followers giveaway





What is included?!

  • Inuovi pro lashes #6
  • L'Oreal Color Richie lipstick in Red Passion
  • StriVectin Instant facial sculpting cream
  • Alterna Moisture shampoo and conditioner
  • IPSA Metabolizer R1


Head to her site now to join!!


luvverlyn color-playground 1st giveaway ♥


Verlyn (Luvverlyn) is doing a giveaway!

To participate, click HERE!


www.7bella.com Giveaway!!


7Bella.com is an internet cosmetic and makeup tools store that delivers all around the world. Currently we are focusing on two mainstream products: MakeUpShow makeup brushes and Lunasol makeup palettes.

And they are giving away to 3 different winners!

Prize includes:

- Lunasol Nature Color Collection: EX01 Nature Summer Blue
- MakeUpShow  10 Pieces Red Handle Set :
- Givenchy PRISME LIBRE Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation #75
- MakeUpShow Powder / Blush Brush 20P01
- MakeUpShow Lip Brush 4L01

- Urban Decay Hi-Fi 24/7 Eyeliner Set
- MakeUpShow Eyeliner Brush 3E01

 Hop on to their website to participate! http://mus.7bella.com/home/giveaway



MsBlackBlush's birthday Giveaway


MsBlackBlush is very nice to in giving out gifts since my birthday falls on 19th August! mine is coming soon! which is this coming 17th! how close!

join her giveaway on http://msblackblush.onsugar.com/MsBlackBlushs-Birthday-Giveaway-10149867#comments
Hope on now!

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